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This board is multifaceted, crossing various topics from New Age, spirituality, metaphysical, psychology, physical issues, relationships, emotions, self-help and more. It is created for those who seek change and desire to empower themselves, to live life as an expression of who they really are in unconditional love. If you think/feel that your life and this world full of denial, fear and unlovingness is totally opposite what you desire, it is no coincidence that you are here.

To say that this board will be controversial is an understatement as it goes against almost everything society presently believes to be true about emotions, feelings, life and love. But then why wouldn't it be controversial if the desire and goal is the opposite of what is presently being experienced! To empower yourself, you need to be open to challenge everything you believe to be true, especially about love, life, emotions and feelings and also be willing to end your denials of self.

I openly share the knowledge, tools, messages and insights that I've gained through sixteen years of intensive personal experience and in working with others on their journey. Feel free to visit the various forums and posts and to also add your personal experiences, comments and questions. It is my intent that the ideas and works that will be discussed within this forum will not only expand your consciousness, but also activate your emotions and touch your heart.

In love, light and life,
John Rieger aka Shenreed

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501-04 Saving, Healing and Praying for Others

Hi Everyone,

I know that this is a BIG issue with many.
When you are NOT in denial and are in self-love, unconditional love you have no need to try to save, heal or pray for others, because you know that what they are experiencing is their choice, whether they are conscious of it or not, just as what you experienced was and is your choice.

Saving, healing and praying is a form of control and conditional love as you JUDGE that what is happening to others is not right, wrong bad, hurtful or whatever. Judgments are beliefs, rules, control and conditional love and are made outside of time as they are a projection of a past experience, into the present and the future.

Praying I also find Ironic and humorous, as here you are praying to �god� to change what is happening to others. In other words, by DENIAL, what you are not saying is, �Hey god, you screwed up! What the hell do you thing you�re doing? I want you to go and fix that right now and do it my way.� Of course, if you were challenged that you were controlling and in judgment of God, you would deny it, because you are already in denial. Are you beginning to see how denial works?

It is difficult in this world full of denial to let go of these old imprints, programs and beliefs as Guilt and Shame would have you believe that your feelings and actions are wrong and unloving. Unconditional love is
Acceptance, not Denial.
Compassion, not Judgment
Connection, not attachment

Love, Light and Life
John Rieger/Shenreed
"Healing begins in the Heart"
�To heal, you must feel, and to feel, you must be real�

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