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This board is multifaceted, crossing various topics from New Age, spirituality, metaphysical, psychology, physical issues, relationships, emotions, self-help and more. It is created for those who seek change and desire to empower themselves, to live life as an expression of who they really are in unconditional love. If you think/feel that your life and this world full of denial, fear and unlovingness is totally opposite what you desire, it is no coincidence that you are here.

To say that this board will be controversial is an understatement as it goes against almost everything society presently believes to be true about emotions, feelings, life and love. But then why wouldn't it be controversial if the desire and goal is the opposite of what is presently being experienced! To empower yourself, you need to be open to challenge everything you believe to be true, especially about love, life, emotions and feelings and also be willing to end your denials of self.

I openly share the knowledge, tools, messages and insights that I've gained through sixteen years of intensive personal experience and in working with others on their journey. Feel free to visit the various forums and posts and to also add your personal experiences, comments and questions. It is my intent that the ideas and works that will be discussed within this forum will not only expand your consciousness, but also activate your emotions and touch your heart.

In love, light and life,
John Rieger aka Shenreed

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Re: 501-02 In the Moment, the NOW (without DENIAL) :)

All my life I tried I tried hard at being the master of my emotions and while on the surface I “seemed“ cool, calm and collected, beneath the façade I was in constant terror and anxiety. Take the knife experience for example (Post 408-02). I was able to CONTROL my fear of knives by avoiding any situation where knives might be an issue. This got so imprinted and programmed in me that I wasn’t even conscious anymore that I was afraid of knives UNTIL one would appear and I’d be activated. It took a lot of conscious intent and emotional healing on many levels and with many issues over a period of time to get me to the point that I could deal with the knife issue. To where I finally had enough conscious awareness not to run, fight, or give up, but rather to allow myself to go deeper than I had ever gone before and touch emotions and physical sensations I had long since repressed and forgotten.

By emotional expression I want to make it clear that I’m not talking about the FALSE EMOTIONS that first came up and told me that it was my friend who was holding the pearing knife that was to blame for my panic and that she was a threat to my safety. This is the MAJOR stumbling block, where people get confused with the belief that they are expressing their emotions and being in the moment if the react and express their first emotions and feelings. You already have denied terror otherwise your panic wouldn’t be activated. This is where and when you need to have conscious awareness that you have to go beneath the surface FALSE FEELINGS and EMOTIONS to find the REAL cause and REAL FEELINGS and EMOTIONS that the present experience triggered.

Once I gave them (my emotions and body) conscious acceptance and allowed them expression (IN THE MOMENT) that they were happening, I made a shift. Later, the universe sent me a “so-called” test to see if I would fall back to denying my emotional expression again when it came to knives. During that next knife experience with the woman with the hunting knife, I again had conscious awareness and I also allowed myself full emotional expression and again it was a healing experience. So, this type of emotional and physical healing isn’t what is currently being promoted and practiced. It’s not about setting your mind on a goal to alter your beliefs or treating the symptoms and False Emotions by denying the REAL cause. What I'm sharing here is how to HEAL the CAUSE and that can only be accomplished by ending denials.

PS; Since my (non-denial) healing experience, knives no longer strike terror and panic in me. I have awareness of them, but the charge is gone.

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"Healing begins in the Heart"
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