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This board is multifaceted, crossing various topics from New Age, spirituality, metaphysical, psychology, physical issues, relationships, emotions, self-help and more. It is created for those who seek change and desire to empower themselves, to live life as an expression of who they really are in unconditional love. If you think/feel that your life and this world full of denial, fear and unlovingness is totally opposite what you desire, it is no coincidence that you are here.

To say that this board will be controversial is an understatement as it goes against almost everything society presently believes to be true about emotions, feelings, life and love. But then why wouldn't it be controversial if the desire and goal is the opposite of what is presently being experienced! To empower yourself, you need to be open to challenge everything you believe to be true, especially about love, life, emotions and feelings and also be willing to end your denials of self.

I openly share the knowledge, tools, messages and insights that I've gained through sixteen years of intensive personal experience and in working with others on their journey. Feel free to visit the various forums and posts and to also add your personal experiences, comments and questions. It is my intent that the ideas and works that will be discussed within this forum will not only expand your consciousness, but also activate your emotions and touch your heart.

In love, light and life,
John Rieger aka Shenreed

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401-03 Technique to move suppressed emotions

Hi Everyone,

Repressed emotions that are either buried deep in the sub-conscious or are beginning to stir in your unconsciousness need special coaxing. When you can�t seem to feel the emotions that are wanting to surface or that just seem to skip in and out of your consciousness before they are gone, here is a simple exercise that you can do to help begin to bring them to the surface. I would suggest that you turn off the phones, TV, radio and just allow yourself to be with yourself. Make it your intent not to harm yourself, anyone or anything during your release and have a barf bucket, Kleenex, a blanket and a pillow handy. Be prepared to spend at least half a day and then be prepared for another 2 or 3 days as further releases come to you.

Stand bare foot or in socks, feet shoulder length apart and begin to rock from side to side, lifting your feet off the floor. While you�re rocking, make whatever toning sounds you feel you need to make. Vowel sounds are effective, A,E,I,O,U or whatever �feels� like the right sound for you and just express it Ohhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo in one breath. Keep repeating the sounds as you�re rocking and put feeling and force into the toning. It may take 10 minutes but they will come. Don�t stop rocking or making the sounds until the emotions take over and then allow yourself to express the emotions and also express what the body wants and needs to express.

When you have had an emotional and physical release, rest a few minutes. When you feel you�re ready, do this exercise another two times and then let yourself rest for the remainder of the half day or longer if need be. It may also be a good idea to write down what you are feeling as it is another way of expression.

Love, Light and Life
John Rieger/Shenreed
"Healing begins in the Heart"

�To heal, you must feel, and to feel, you must be real�

PS: Children and people that rock to and fro, are doing so to BLOCK their emotions. If they were to stop rocking they would panic, as they would feel their terror. They believe that the only movement they have that is safe is to rock and deny what they really feel.

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